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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  February 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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od morning. i'm ryan elijah. i'm luanne sorrell. thanks for waking up with us! here are the stories we are working on this morning. first-- orlando are investigating a double shooting from overnight. two people were found shot in a home. the latest details on the investigation--ahead. plus-- all work for * *ltimate project is being halted... after a crew member dies in a truck accident. more on what happened... and what's being done to make sure it doesn't happen again. and-- search crews will
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orange county lake this morning-- to look for a missing boater. the man's boat was found... but he is msing. the details coming up.
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"!is morning-- )*ndo police are investigating... after two people are found shot overnight. :u*hlui-ing to gather information-- but here is what we know right now. officers were called to a home on king cole boulevard-- around 11-15 last night. that is east of south kirkman road. according to investigators-- when police arrived at the home-- they found 2 people with gunshot wounds.
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hospital. they are expected to be okay. right now-- police have not said if there is a suspect involved in the shooting. we have a crew on the way to the scene. we will bring you a live update on good day orlando at 5. developing this morning-- work onthe "i-4 ultimate project" will not continue today... following a deadly accident. authorities say a dump truck making a delivery... ran over a 34-year-old worker, killing him. fox 35's keith landry has the details. and happening right now--
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night... at the airport toll plaza on the beachline. those tolls will now be collected at four new nearby ramp plazas. it is not going to cost you any extra, you'll just pay the toll at a different location. happening today-- wrch crews will head back out to an orange county lake... to continue searching for a missing boater. the man went missing on lake bow-clair yesterday morning. that is west of highway 441. skyfox flew over that lake last night. family members say 76-year-old william robl went out on his boat yesterday-- but never returned. crews then spotted the boat going in circles in the lake. "florida fish and
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the boat, but no one was on board. a weather alert-- parts of florida are under a "state of emergency" this morning-- after yesterday's powerful storms caused some damage. njwi9or scott is a state of emergency in the panhandle for both escambia and santa rosa counties. the severe weather claimed six lives in virginia, louisiana and mississippi. while no one died in florida... governor rick scott says three people are recovering from minor injuries around pensacola. this morning... state officials are still trying to assess the damage. governor scott says that he plans to meet with victims of a tornado that left widespread damage in nearby century last week. the governor says they're working to allocate money from the state budget to help victims of both storms. in seminole county-- a woman -- accused of killing her son in the shower-- is being held on no bond. 59-year old virginia arteaga is charged with first degree murder for shooting and killing her son, blake
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was taking a bath. investigators say she also tried to kill herself when cops forced their way into the altamonte springs home tuesday. according to reports, arteaga had been struggling with depression. arteaga is under suicide watch at the seminole county jail. ,h| developing at this
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+ (xy``|p||||>{@epoppppxxxx`x`_xp??`?ppx````@pt`:fo`s`@||xp hazing ritual. a former students says in 20-13-- pledges with "tau kappa epsilon" were forced to participate in a drinking game called "old south"-- where they were made to act as slaves. the complaint was filed last month. prosecutors told police too much time has passed to file charges... but school officials are investigating possible student conduct violations.
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trending right
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state lawmakers are pushing to replace a statue of a confederate general at the u-s capitol. now-- state lawmakers are pushing to replace a statue of a confederate general at the u-s
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"general edmund kirby smith" is from florida. his statue is in the "national statuary hall" in washington d.c. the florida house approved a bill yesterday, to replace that statue. now --the bill goes to governor rick scott's desk. possible replacements include-- "walt disney" and environmentalist "marjorie stoneman douglas." here is a story that is hard to believe. some identical twin sisters in utah--just gave birth to identical twins-- for the second time. "kerri bunker" and "kelli wall" delivered twins within weeks of each other. years ago--they gave birth to their first sets of twins. the hospital says some of the twins were conceived through in vitro fertilization. turning now to sports-- it's a big night for the orlando magic... the team is getting ready to take on the n-b-a's best -- the golden state warriors.. golden state coming \\|hx@yp4qs@shhhp4hw(@q@1@q@%ppp@%xx
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x00a ,lx` of course... the warriors are led by h(hh`b"``$08$$ reigning m-v-p stephen curry. he's averaging nearly 30 points a game... and is coming 8\0@0p@88zfvvvvff" b""#!## #@ @ @ @4r4p;
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gordon was able to shake off the malfunction... and finished with 11 hp 11 rebounds luanne? coming up-- a tampa millionaire is now taking his ex- fiancee and her parents to federal court. we will tell you what he is accusing them of doing. plus-- a cat who originally went missing in wisconsin-- makes a very long journey-- all the way to florida. straight that cat was re-united with its owner.
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the judges kicked- off last night's american idol with a bang-- picking only four of the remaining 14 contestants to move directly into the top 10. they were supposed to choose 5 finalists-- but they say-- they were too divided on who to pick. america got to vote for their favorite singers. tonight-- we are going to find out which 6 contestants got the most votes-- and are moving on. you can watch it
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35-- at 8 p-m.... right before the news at 10. tell us who you voted for-- using the hashtag "g-d-o." time to take a look at the stories making headlines around florida. in south florida-- federal aviation officials are now investigating... after a plane crashes into a neighborhood in hollywood. this happened just after 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon. officials say the nine cessna had just taken off from "north perry" airport, when the pilot started experiencing engine trouble. that's when the plane crashed into the driveway of a home. the pilot managed to get out with minor injures. officials say the home was not damaged in the crash. no one on the ground was hurt. in tampa-- a millionaire businessman is suing his ex-fiancee-- for allegedly stealing millions of dollars worth of jewelry. scott mitchell says his ex-- mary catherine hunt-- broke into his home and stole diamonds,
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he claims she even had some of the loot shipped to her parents' home in virginia. mitchell is taking all three of them to federal court-- to get the items back. hunt also faces charges of grand theft. she could face up to 30 years in prison. u5 wisconsin makes an incredible journey... all the way to south florida. take a look at just how far "nadia the cat" traveled: she went from the city of "sheboygan"-- all the way to naples. p.jed on christmas eve, and was eventually found wandering in florida. a woman took her in, 8 contacted a local shelter. that's when they found a microchip-- with all of nadia's information. nadia's owners say-- they have no clue how their cat made it to florida. on the business
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facebook is adding 5 new "emotions" for its users. plus-- which college major makes someone the most employable? david asman has the
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now investigating... after two people are found shot in a home overnight. we are live with the latest on the investigation. plus-- a mysterious call leads to a swat situation in brevard county -- at an man's house. but it turns out... it was all a prank! at 5-- what investigators are
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good morning it's i'm ryan elijah.


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